Community Wind Development in Northeastern Nova Scotia

About Us

Celtic Current LP was formed in November 2011 when the Nova Scotia Government introduced the COMFIT program. As a small developer, our goal is to install turbines on 3-4 sites throughout north eastern Nova Scotia that will produce a total of 10MW of renewable wind energy. The energy produced will be sold to Nova Scotia Power through the distribution lines.

The Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) program is designed to increase local ownership of small-scale renewable energy projects throughout the Province.

Celtic Current LP is 100% owned by Nova Scotia residents. The shareholders don’t just work in Nova Scotia, they live here too-We truly are 100% local.

The project is managed and operated by  Zutphen Wind Inc who are also 100% local. They will manage the project from conception to completion and will provide day-to-day operations of the wind turbines. Zutphen has experience with project management, site preparation and building of foundations. They have the knowledge and equipment required to get the generation facilities operational. Owners and employees from the Zutphen all live and work in Nova Scotia.

Contact Us

Celtic Current
10442 Route 19,
Southwest Mabou Nova Scotia, B0E 1X0

Phone: (902) 945-2300 ext 105
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